Aqua Caddy


Thank you for purchasing the 3620 Battery Water Tank! Here you can order your additional 18V 4Ah free battery. Just enter your details and the battery will be sent to your home for free. Have fun with it! 

Thank you for your purchase!

 You have purchased our 3620 battery water container from a stationary retailer? As a thank you, you will receive an additional 18V 4Ah battery free of charge.

How does the campaign work?

In order for us to send you a free 18V 4Ah battery, we need a little information from you: 

  • A picture of your sales receipt showing the 3620 water tank
  • The unique serial number of your unit - how to find the serial number is described at the bottom of the page
  • Your contact information

MESTO Akku-Wasserbehälter Gratis-Aktion

Please fill out the following form

MESTO Druckwasserbehälter Aqua Caddy vor HolzwandMESTO Druckwasserbehälter Aqua Caddy vor Holzwand

How to find the serial number

The serial number is a 7-digit number located on the sticker in the upper part of the water tank.

Seriennummer MESTO Aqua Caddy Druckwasserbehälter fernSeriennummer MESTO Aqua Caddy Druckwasserbehälter fern
Seriennummer MESTO Aqua Caddy Druckwasserbehälter nahSeriennummer MESTO Aqua Caddy Druckwasserbehälter nah